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Mike Folkerth - King of Simple - Western Colorado

Mike Folkerth - King of Simple

Western Colorado

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The End!

Good Morning all of you bright minds out there in the real world; your King of Simple News is on the air.

Having some down time in the beauty of the high Colorado Mountains where cell phone signals never travel, I’ve been able to arrive at some important conclusions. While these are certainly my own collection of thoughts, they do represent the culmination of five years of near constant study.

It would have been great to have been able to write the end at the beginning without all of the hours of study and writing; but taking the trip was necessary to accurately report the road conditions.

I suppose the most important of my conclusions is that there was never another way that our short upward spiraling economic trip could have ended other than our present trip back down the same course. Humans are irrational, delusional, and are mentally rewarded by instant gratification. These are not traits that can be used in the same sentence with “sustainable.”

I do feel some relief in realizing that there was nothing that I or anyone else could have ever done to change the course of human events on a macro scale. The overwhelming desire for power and money was always in charge, always has been, and always will be.

But can’t we change? No.

Not so long ago in this very nation, it was acceptable to own another human being. Not long before that, a church elder could pronounce a person of their choosing to be a witch and the good citizens would cheerfully burn that so-called witch at the stake. Trust me, if we didn’t change all that much in 4,000 years, we haven’t done so in the last twenty.

We wear a thin veneer of justification and diversion away from the truth that we refer to as “civilized culture,” but remember; “After three days without food, the most civilized among us becomes a barbarian.”

Our human plan is single minded and laser focused; live off the finite resources of our planet until it is no longer possible, after which, “They” will come up with a new plan. Unfortunately there is no “They,” and there is no plan “B.”

It is the lack of control over our own conscious brains that makes this loony voyage to the inevitable end possible. Our subconscious brain simply reinvents our personal vision of reality to a palatable scenario on a daily basis. Don’t think so? Try explaining to the average person that compounding interest in a finite world is mathematically impossible. Good luck and take your lunch.

Try explaining that all things on a finite planet have physical limits. Or, that there is no such thing as 110 % of any physical asset. Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Phoenix… cannot be built again; the physical assets to do so simply don’t exist. Yet, the SOLE plan is to continually expand those cities by “growing the economy,” into the next millennium.

Few people live with stark reality on a daily basis and those who do (I’m not making this up) are classified as “clinically depressed.” There is nothing quite as depressing as getting up every morning and realizing that most of the people surrounding you are crazy as hell.

What we as a species consider as “smart,” is our ability to borrow against the future in comparison to the lower animals that are forced to live in the here and now. We can totally deplete resources in a 50 year period that took millions of years to materialize, while a coyote’s resource chain is subject to the rabbits that materialize in a given year. The coyote’s numbers are held in check…ours are not.

Our unique ability to borrow against the future will someday be printed in the history books of the survivors as mans greatest defect. It will be seen as ludicrous as the old world belief that the world was flat.

It is important to understand that our resource base won’t slowly run out, but will instead quickly be depleted as the supply diminishes, population increases, and our ability to harvest those resources has been amplified through technology. Our decline will necessarily be a mirror image of our exponential incline; steep and swift.

Most believe that “They” has a last name of Technology. I, on the other hand, believe that technology is the fuel that has propelled us to warp speed on our certain collision course with physical reality.

So what does a person do with the above information? Most will simply allow their subconscious to rearrange their personal version of reality and will dismiss any negative connotations as pure poppycock as they turn on the nightly news and listen to the pundits explain how we are going to reproduce Los Angles, Chicago, Detroit, and New York City. Let the good times roll.

But how does a rational, clinically depressed individual process such a gloomy scenario? I would suggest seeking out compatibility and surrounding yourself with those who can deal with the truth. You can’t fly with the eagles and roost with the turkeys.

Adopt a live simple, live free, and live well philosophy on your own terms. Reduce your consumption immediately. Become as self sufficient as possible. Lose the big house, big car, big credit card, big payments and big head program and enjoy the free and simple pleasures that were always there for the taking. In the end, that’s about all I can offer

As I sign off, I want to once again thank all of my wonderful readers and commenters who have stuck with me over these last years. I have gained much more than I have given.

The site will remain up for the time being and please consider printing off my Show-Stoppers from the button at the top of this blog. I also have some left over books for anyone who wants a bargain. Just e-mail me from the “Contact” button for details.

This world can be a wonderful place for those who understand it. That said, I’m off to the mountains again where cell phone signals never travel.